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How to Write a GREAT Children's Book (The Easy Way to Write)How to Write a GREAT Children's Book (The Easy Way to Write)

Great information easy to follow

How to write a great children’s book was a fast easy and informative read. It flowed nicely and well organized into helpful parts. I’d definitely recommend it to authors looking to get into the business of writing children’s books. I especially like how Robyn Opie Parnell explains that writing takes a lot of practice and time to master and to never give up. I’m working on my first children’s book as I write this review and I definitely feel better and more confident that I to can be a best selling author with Hard work, Persistence, and a lot of patience. Thank you Robyn





Show Don't Tell: The Ultimate Writers' GuideShow Don't Tell: The Ultimate Writers' Guide

 Fuel your readers escape

"Show don't tell" is the mantra of any good prose. The problem is most articles and books on writing just TELL us to show...Robyn shows how to show, in this quick reading book. She does it for every element of a story; dialogue, plot, scenes etc. She also puts to words the reason we read and hopefully why we write, to escape. Showing helps readers escape their here and now and live a dream, or nightmare (grin) for a little while. Robyn shows writers, of all levels, how to provide that escape. I highly recommend this book for any writers toolbox.

Scott Thrall





The Easy Way to Write Picture Books That SellThe Easy Way to Write Picture Books That Sell

A must have for any children's author

Robyn makes it easy to get the concepts of writing a picture book without all the nonsense. This book gives you everything you need to learn how to write a publishable picture book. Robyn gives you all the tips and tools to get started on your way.

Donna Hernandez







 Dialogue - The Ultimate Writers' GuideDialogue - The Ultimate Writers' Guide