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A family in need of healing moves to a peaceful country property, only to find themselves in the crosshairs of kangaroo hunters.

Genre: Horror

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Home Deadly Home

A grieving daughter moves into the family home to escape a stalker but when the threats continue, she unwittingly seeks safety in the arms of her killer.   

Genre: Paranormal Horror

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Cyclone Santa

A Scrooge-like pilot has to fly through the worse cyclone in Australian history to save an Aboriginal boy's life but his biggest challenge is yet to come: can he save Christmas by becoming Santa Claus?

Genre: Disaster

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Commander Australia

Jake would like nothing more than to lick his wounds after the death of his girlfriend but a once in a lifetime event gives him superpowers; soon Jake is battling to save his best friend and stop his politician father from destroying Australia.

Genre: Superhero

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The following song, A Cyclone For Christmas, was written by Robyn Opie Parnell and Rob Parnell to accompany the screenplay Cyclone Santa.